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more than narrow direct hit searches
every search includes a free wild card query






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so you get better results
and a better look at True Brand Availability
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Backed by over 50 years of trademark prosecution experience
Most online trademark search services only provide their customers with a direct hit search.  That means if you search for BITRITE you won’t get HITRITE, or if you search for RETALIA, it won’t reveal REGALIA.

With Querymark, every search includes a FREE wildcard of your choice (The “Q”) and the option to include multiple Qs.  That means when you enter the brand to be searched, you will also designate one or more letters in your brand as The Q, and when our trained professionals generate your custom search report, it will include results with ANY letter in place of The Q !  (Ex. A search for QITRQTE will reveal results for BITRITE, BITRATE, HITRITE, SITRITE, FITROTE, etc.)

That means every Querymark search can give you more results, better results and a better look at True Brand Availability

Did you know that if you want to use the brand BITRITE for your new online computer store, and someone already owns the registration for BITRATE or HITRITE for their computer store, a Trademark Examiner could cite that prior registration to reject any attempt by you to register your brand, and/or the owner of that registration could use that registration to, without prior warning, legally oppose your attempt to register your brand or file a Federal Lawsuit against you seeking monetary damages and a court injunction requiring you to immediately stop using your brand. Worst of all, this could happen long after you have invested substantial time and money in the brand you thought was available. That’s why True Brand Availability is so important, and why the more extensive your search is, the better your odds of successfully registering and USING your brand.

The Querymark Q can dramatically increase those odds…and that’s the difference the Q makes !